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Bakbel produces fine fruit products for the bakery,
confectionery and foodservice industry. Founded originally in Belgium, the company offers a varied range of high quality products including all-natural marmalades, fruit compounds, traditional and ready-to-use glazes, and fruit fillings. Bakbel brings your pastries and desserts to life!

Bakbel Fruit Products Offer Solutions For The Professional:

*Delicious, all-natural Marmalades, that are bake and
freeze-thaw stable.
*Concentrated, all-natural Fruit Compounds for flavoring creams,
mousses and sauces.
*All-natural Gels contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
*Traditional and Ready-To-Use Glazes give fruits and desserts
a beautiful shine while sealing in freshness.
*Fruit fillings offering a high percentage of fruit pieces.

With Bakbel, the possibilities are endless and the flavors are
as natural as can be.