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Croc'In is a specialty foods manufacturer of nougatine and premium pastry shells for food professionals, with an offer of gourmet products in more than 20 countries worldwide. Manufactured in a manner that reflects Croc'In's values, products meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding professionals in terms of quality.

Croc'In's products are nutritionally balanced and their artisanal production methods guarantee taste and exemplary quality. Whether they are talking about their nougatine, made with real almonds, their savory pastry shells, their POP range with all natural colorants for multiple uses, all their pastry shells combine their value for quality with the needs of food professionals (guaranteed shelf-life, multiple uses, and quality ingredients).

Croc'In's bakers and pastry chefs come from top professional training institutions and take pride in proposing innovative products such as their Goldies in crispy puff pastry or their range of premium pastry shells made with real Charente Poitou butter, a high quality butter made using traditional methods in the French Loire and Poitou districts.