Republica del Cacao

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República del Cacao

República del Cacao's mission is to harvest the best local varieties of Fine Aroma Cocoa and produce the best premium chocolates in Latin America.

Our goal is to become one of the best chocolatiers in the world, competing head on, with the most important traditional chocolate experts in France, Belgium and Europe; exposing the Latina American talent as well as its fine cocoa.

The chocolate we produce is sourced from 100% pure Latin American cocoa, harvested in its birthplace: the small farms in the Andes, the high Amazon planes, Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

We are creating the first truly Latin American high quality chocolate production. Cocoa was born in our continent and here is where chocolate should be at its best. We take pride in our local staff, their efforts and the place we have chosen to open our new factory, Quito-Ecuador, just a few miles away from the ancient birthplace of cocoa.

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